Gig Harbor Gondola

Currently operating out of the
Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard
3117 Harborview Dr. 98335

Please do not mail anything to this address. Contact for mailing address.

Gig Harbor 2018

Welcome to the website of the only Venetian gondola operation in the Pacific Northwest.

I believe life should be fun, adventurous and full of fantastic friendships and love. I started Gig Harbor Gondola to provide a unique way to celebrate life on the water in Washington and to share my passion for Venetian rowing. Guests can expect to board an authentic gondola shipped from Venice, Italy and enjoy a relaxing cruise on our town's beautiful harbor. It's my mission to create an inspiring journey where you can leave your stress far, far behind. 

My name is John "Cinque" Synco and I'll be your gondolier.

A presto!



Starting on June 1, 2019 appetizers will become an ad on for $12 (plus tax). The Harbor General Store will still make them for us, but now guests will be able to choose among three different kinds (pics coming soon).

Original: Salami, cheese, crackers and fruit.

Vegetarian: Veggies with a hummus dip, fruit and crackers.

Dolce!: This appetizer is a dessert style plate with chocolates (milk chocolate and white chocolate) and fruit.

You may order one or more if you would like, but you may also bring your own food too. The reason for this change is due to a few different factors. Rent went up and insurance is going up. I will also have two more gondoliers and, if everything works out, another gondola for you to meet!

For all of you with gift cards issued before June 1, 2019 you will have an appetizer included with your ride.

No available times on: Sunday, Sept. 22.


9. Where do we meet you?

Gig Harbor Gondola is an extremely small operation. I do not have an office (yet) and I do not have a staff (yet). I operate out of the Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard and on their property there is a big, red food truck trolley called the Trolley @ the boatyard. It's a great spot to grab a bite (during summer) to bring with you on the ride and it's near restrooms that you may use. I will meet you next to the Trolley.

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates can be purchased online!


For more information check the "Products" page.